Shadow work is at the root of everything

I have always been told that I am an overthinker. That not everything has to be thought about or anticipated. That is partially true. I had to learn how to go with the flow and trust the universe.

But what is shadow work?

While shadow has been repeatedly identified as a negative thing, it does not refer to a forbidden part of yourself. The concept of shadow embodies an everlasting aspect of a « non-going area ». Your shadows are things that you’ve lived, experienced, thought, felt, and decided to ignore, or restrain. But truth is, light cannot exist without shadow. And you need to work on your shadows, understand all your shades to give your light all its power. Some people can be « light and love only ». If it works for them then good for them. But thinking on a long term evolution, it can be more powerful to embrace all parts of yourself.

Starting shadow work

Many reasons can lead you to start shadow work. Maybe you’re already doing it without knowing. Maybe you’ve been through a life-changing experience that has led you to put everything into perspective again. It’s important to know that shadow work can take many forms. It can be entertaining a simple thought to the point of facing and deconstructing a part of you. It can be watching a movie, reading a book, and seeing something that confronts you to a situation you’ve lived or resonates with you. It can be sitting in front of a journal and starting to write down what you feel.

The common subjectivity of shadow work

We should all be doing shadow work, especially in these times where deconstruction is that socially important. Of course, deconstruction and shadow work are two different concepts and englobe different goals. But one can lead to another, it’s just a question of scale.

Why is shadow work so important?

This concept of shadow comes from Carl Jung Analytical psychology. He defines the shadow as the sum of everything someone is avoiding or refusing to admit, as repressed inner tendencies. Our shadow self is composed of all the things we could have been but still aren’t or haven’t lived yet, the things we fight to accept or tend to avoid. It is our world of unfulfilled possibilities and potentialities.

UX Writer / Copywriter based in Paris - Graduated in Philosophy, studying Anthropology & psychoanalysis. Life student

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