Millie Bobby Brown — Enola Holmes
Millie Bobby Brown — Enola Holmes

“Enola Holmes” empowers young woman to fight for themselves

You’ve probably seen that new recommendation on Netflix, the last film starring Millie Bobby Brown inspired by the universe of Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes. It’s about Enola, youngest of the Holmes sibling, going on adventures. I wouldn’t say more about the story, just trying to avoid being a spoiler.

Enola spelled backward means alone

That’s one of the starting point of the movie : Enola is the reversed writing of alone. There is a lot of reflexion about being alone in this movie. Whether it be Enola being left by the people she cares about, or her pushing away some of the people she meets, there’s a struggle in finding balance between being on her own or being helped.

No one has the right to decide for you

You and only you have power and control over your life. There will always be people who try to make you do or live by their rules, but you’ll always have your own way. Make sure to choose your path consciously. If you follow what others impose, then do so willingly. But if it’s not the path you want, the life you want, if it doesn’t resonate with you, then build your own path.

You are not defined by your name or your relation to a man

What’s interesting with the main character being Enola Holmes, is that she’s the youngest sister of Sherlock. We all know Holmes & Watson, and so do they in the movie. That’s why Enola is often identified by the men as “Sherlock’s sister”. But women, identify her as Enola, or by another, feminine name. Clever move.

Your life is in your own hands, fight for it

The main message of this movie, is that you are the creator of your own life. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what people told you to be or to want, it’s only up to you. And you have all the rights, and you’re legitimate to claim it.

UX Writer / Copywriter based in Paris - Graduated in Philosophy, studying Anthropology & psychoanalysis. Life student

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