Being an adult is not a good reason to forget about your dreams

Getting older is always bringing clarity on some things. But it’s also making you see how time flies, how things are not exactly how you’ve expected them to be. And that’s ok.

Empty notebook on a desk to write new beginnings

I’m what one would call a Zillenial (doesn’t look good right?). Meaning I’m kind of a millennial, but was born too late to have proper memories from the 90’s. I’m too old to understand some of the gen Z collective memories, so I’m in a strange in-between.

It actually gives an interesting point of view. I’m close to people in their 30’s, who remember life before internet. I have memories growing up with one of the first computer (yeah, ADSL and 2GB memory was awesome at the time) and I have friends who’ve never known life without technology.

I’ve grown up with the first social medias, remember the first icons of IG, and also the time when facebook was really used to share your life (yeah I'm sorry, it’s not really used like it used to be…). By that I mean that I grew up discovering other people’s life, world, thoughts and experiences through social medias.

What I’m seeing is a lot of Millenials going for their dream life, traveling, writing, giving their best into what they love the most. I’m seeing Gen Z with a stamina I’ve never seen before, with a rage for love, life, equity, justice I’m not seeing anywhere else. I’m seeing people fighting for their dreams, and mostly succeed. Because most of the people on social media share the bright side and not the struggles. Even though it’s evolving.

Truth is, my 30’s are getting closer and closer. I’m now have a “real job” — as my father would say — meaning that I work in an international company for way too much hours. And I’m realizing what life can do to us.

You struggle finding balance at some point. You have to find a proper equilibrium between your work and private life. And need to find some time for your dreams in between that. And it’s not that easy.

I’ve always been one to work on a lot of things, having a lot of projects on my mind and living between college, 3 jobs and what one would call a side hustle. Getting into that big company led me to an entirely new way of dividing my time. And over the past year, I’ve struggled a lot to find time to dedicate to my personal projects. Because at some point you need to rest. To focus on your social life, your love life, anything else that is a priority after your job.

And it can be a lot to handle. So you have to sacrifice something. And you’re thinking that you’re now an adult. So you have to get yourself together. And be realistic : “ This dream is just a dream, there’s more real things to deal with”. Because “you can’t live in your head forever”.

I get it. Trust me, I do. But you know what? Growing up, I’m also realizing that adults are just kids with different life experience. No one has figured life out. No one has the answer. No one will give it to you. And no one will realize your dream for you.

What I mean by that is that you are unique. And your dream probably is an expression of that uniqueness. And that uniqueness is what could change the face of the world.

Imagine if Einstein’s dream was to be a scientist. He followed his dream, and that led to a lot of life changing things. Now imagine if he hadn’t followed his dream?

Well that’s the same for you. You have to start believing in yourself, investing in yourself. Because we may be 7 billion people on this earth, but we’re all a different expression of the same thing. So we might wanna start expressing that specific point of view to bring the world where we want to.

We have the power to impact the world by impacting the people around us. It’s the small changes that are vital. How you’re affecting your relatives. How you behave, how you share your light in your personal world. That’s how you make big changes.

Stop being afraid of your own light.

UX Writer / Copywriter based in Paris - Graduated in Philosophy, studying Anthropology & psychoanalysis. Life student

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