Growing up we often get some traits from our parents. Wether it comes from genetics, from the education we receive or simply because we absorb the way they talk, behave and see things.

What can be problematic is that we create our reality based on all of those thing without realizing, without even thinking about it.

We hold all of these elements as true without questioning them because that’s just « what it is ». Generally we merely haven’t considered that there might be another way for those things to be. …

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Today felt a bit peculiar for me. For the first time in a while I felt like breathing again. Like the world wasn’t an agression anymore and I was finally relieved of some heavy weight.

Of course the weight was internal and all the intense work I have done on myself over the last year is finally paying by setting me free.

But I lived this day like I was the main character of my story — as you should to — but also as its writer and director, and it felt like a constant celebration of myself.

Of course…

Yes you have to heal. No you’re not invincible. And that’s perfectly okay because we all have to. But most of today’s fights are related to unhealed men perpetuating thousand of years of toxic behaviours. And it needs to end.

We all have traumas and experience traumatic events. Some of us more than others. But still, part of how we develop ourselves as individual is through our hard times. They shape us, they’re like the pressure that transform our raw, innocent self, into something closer to who we want to be. Or sometimes further. …

Getting older is always bringing clarity on some things. But it’s also making you see how time flies, how things are not exactly how you’ve expected them to be. And that’s ok.

Empty notebook on a desk to write new beginnings

I’m what one would call a Zillenial (doesn’t look good right?). Meaning I’m kind of a millennial, but was born too late to have proper memories from the 90’s. I’m too old to understand some of the gen Z collective memories, so I’m in a strange in-between.

It actually gives an interesting point of view. I’m close to people in their 30’s, who remember life before internet. I…

Antique sculpture of a man - to put an end to toxic masculinity

We are in a patriarchal society, we know that and all of the issues related to it are spoken enough for everyone to be aware. More than being patriarchal, our system is unbalanced. Not only it oppresses women, for « not being men » (I don’t want to debate the nature of sexism here, that’s why it is just a platitude), but it also molds men into a specific model that annihilates any feminine traits in them, that annihilates anything that is not manly, virile, that does not follow the idea of what a man should be. That’s how we…

Millie Bobby Brown — Enola Holmes

You’ve probably seen that new recommendation on Netflix, the last film starring Millie Bobby Brown inspired by the universe of Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes. It’s about Enola, youngest of the Holmes sibling, going on adventures. I wouldn’t say more about the story, just trying to avoid being a spoiler.

My interest started because the main character is held by Millie Bobby Brown, and I really like her acting, but also the energy she has out of her movies. I feel a lot of good, radiant energy coming from her, in a very communicative way. I first thought I was not…

I have always been told that I am an overthinker. That not everything has to be thought about or anticipated. That is partially true. I had to learn how to go with the flow and trust the universe.

But the main reason I started to think a lot was because I needed to understand my emotions, my feelings, why I was experiencing things that way whereas other people didn’t seem affected.

I’ve always been a hypersensitive person, and empathetic. As far as I can remember I’ve always felt everything. Too much. And I had to learn to discern what was…

The last few weeks and months have been intense right? We’re all in the middle of an unknown zone, trying to understand where everything is going, what we can do, and who we are in the middle of this historical time.

Something happened to me yesterday and I wanted to share it with you, thinking it might help.

Story Time

The last 8 months have been a hard time for me. I broke up with the woman that I thought was the love of my life. I was devastated, and everything that I built over the last 7 years entirely collapsed when…

Schema of the labeling model

As a UX Writer and copywriter, my job revolves around words. More specifically, I get to think about them, and more specifically have to choose them wisely according to what’s expected.

As a student in humanities / social sciences, I learned over many lectures that words are powerful and impactful. Whether it be in political philosophy, in philosophy of language, in anthropology. Words are tools, that embody ideas, concepts, and shape our reality, they aren’t in any case innocent as they carry their own weight.

In social sciences, the labeling theory embodies an aspect of this consideration. The Labeling theory…

Whoever you are, whatever you do, your voice matters and we need it. Because you are human, because we all are and we all want one thing: equality and justice.

Now is not the time to remain silent because yes, right now, silence is acceptance. We do not seek violence, nor revenge. Only justice and equality.

Pay attention: the outbreaks of violence that you can see in the manifestations are not related to our people leading the movement. They’re instigated by looters that just want to use this occasion to diffuse hatred or by police officers or governmental agents.


Viersac Axel

UX Writer / Copywriter based in Paris - Graduated in Philosophy, studying Anthropology & psychoanalysis. Life student

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